What does the IPC Award represent?

What does the IPC Award represent?

The IPC Productivity Award is a mark of contribution to economic growth achieved by organizations which, in the philosophy of continuous improvement, have become drivers of innovation and growth. The awarded organization, which has decided to walk a path of continuous productivity learning, is a catalyst for the benefit of the community where it operates.

This is the DNA of the IPC Award: to recognize progress, achievement, improve productivity and solutions proposed by organization and business leaders who have reached a level of success which before had seemed unreachable.
Behind each IPC award is a team dedicated to promoting and spreading the stories of success of awarded leaders and organizations at an international level. Upon receiving the IPC Productivity Award, support is provided by three organizations: Centre for Productivity (CFP) Group One, whose mission is education in Productivity Culture, International Productivity Convention (IPC), leading the organization of international events and conventions, and the  media sponsors of IPC Awards for Productivity.

For this reason, receiving an IPC Productivity Award means receiving the support of a multi-national team of professionals, specialized in the communication, education and promotion of Productivity Culture.

Behind each award recipient there is also a commitment to enhance economic growth and continuous improvement. This commitment to Productivity Culture is the force behind companies, organizations and leaders who are recognized for a continuous search for Productivity and economic growth. To receive the IPC  Award is to become part of a team of companies, institutions, organizations and outstanding visionary business leaders, whose presence in 167 countries worldwide, represents entrepreneurship, success and Total Productivity.



International Star for Productivity Award: The relentless pursuit of economic growth

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