We have two classes of awards:

  • 1. International Productivity awards ( For Individuals)
  • 2. International Star for Productivity Award ( for Organisations)


International Productivity Awards

International Productivity Award Certification  is granted by the International Productivity Awards Organization (IPAO).This is the highest productivity qualification and recognition  any professional  can aspire to attain. It is meant for those who have contributed to national productivity. It is globally accepted and it is reciprocally recognized in over 70 countries.

International Star for Productivity Award: The relentless pursuit of economic growth

The International Star for Productivity Award recognizes and promotes companies, organizations and institutions that understand the dedication, continuous improvement, innovation and relentless pursuit of productivity that leads to economic growth.

This combination of values, represented as a whole in the word PRODUCTIVITY, allows organizations to achieve a leadership role, and become examples of efficiency, value added and above all, excellence. In the wise words of the American author and Political Scientist Leo Rosten  “The purpose of life is not to be happy- but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you lived at all”

The International Star for Productivity Award is bestowed on the basis of the following criteria:
  • Excellence in Productivity and Economic Growth
  • Excellence in Leadership and Management
  • Business Prestige and Brands
  • Technology, Innovation and Inclusive Growth

Business and organizational leaders from all over the world participate at this forum for the International Star for Productivity Award as an opportunity to make themselves part of this unique and prestigious international group.

How is selection made for the IPC International Star for Productivity and under what criteria?

During the selection process for new award proposals, information about future IPC award winners is gathered from a wide variety of public sources, including data regarding organizational performance and productivity. Professionals from different fields analyze data throughout the entire process. Voting takes place through on-line polls and surveys carried out by IPC.

The most decisive votes are those cast by previous award winners on the following criteria:
  • Customer-Satisfaction
  • Communication-Strategy
  • Benchmarking
  • Information-and-analysis
  • Human-Resource Leadership
  • Planning-and-Decision-making
  • Continuous-Training
  • Processes-and-Production
  • Resource Management
  • Economic-Results
  • Business-outcome
  • ISO-9001
  • TQM

IPC International Productivity Awards: A gathering opportunity for business and organizational leaders

Presidents, directors and organizational leaders from all over the world share different perspectives about how professional actions are performed in different sectors. This annual event allows an exchange of ideas and a prolific discussion related to effective managerial practices and Total Productivity Management.

It is precisely in this scenario that the International Star for Productivity (ISP) award winners represent the role models and are a driving force in the business world and in public and private institutions, creating opportunities in different countries and fields, pushing the boundaries of economic growth forward and reaching new heights in the continuous race for achievement.

The Convention provides a perfect scenario for comparing and exchanging productivity practices oriented towards achieving economic growth and  creating an international network of powerful business associates that work under the same Productivity convention, and promoting the success stories behind the companies and organizations selected to receive this prestigious award.

In order to achieve maximum profitability out of each Convention edition, IPC provides media support for award winners, covering different facets of business communication marketing, including interviews conducted in a television format, coverage of the presentation of the award itself, digital and print publications for further marketing strategies to be developed by each awarded organization.

International Seminar on Inspiring Success: Keys to Productivity Culture
The organizations attending the International Star for Productivity Award convention in Lagos will take part in the Seminar on Inspiring​ ​Success:​ ​Keys​ ​to Productivity ​ ​Culture. There, participants can freely exchange ideas concerning Continuous Improvement, Benchmarking,Productivity Culture and Total Productivity Management, as well as managerial practices to increase productivity, reduce waste and pursue economic growth. This seminar is carried out in collaboration with ; Centre for  Public Service  Productivity and Development (CPSPD)  under the program of cooperation with universities created by IPC Group One.

Using this model, IPC develops training and educational activities in association with CPSPD and with other prestigious international educational institutions in order to boost the research, creative and informative capability of universities for the benefit of society, and especially for the development of academic knowledge about Productivity Culture.

Our objective is to create an alliance formed by educational institutions with the participation of academic professionals, under the same commitment to productivity ,innovation and economic growth together with the dissemination of knowledge. This is a project which pursues the creation of a group of leaders, entrepreneurs, thinkers, intellectuals and productive  people who, acting as a think-tank, plant the seeds of the future by laying the basis to achieve economic growth, develop productivity technology in organizations and promoting continuous improvement within the realm of Productivity Culture.

The International Star for Productivity Award Convention, Lagos 2019 is organized by IPC Group One and Centre for Productivity (CPSPD) with its media sponsors. The award has appeared in previous years on television and in various media facets on all continents. The event will be attended by international businessmen, professionals in economy and the arts, members of the press, and experts in public relations and television.


International Star for Productivity Award: The relentless pursuit of economic growth

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