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What agreement has IPC reached with universities in favor of Productivity Culture?

Knowing the great importance of the university as an institution for the development of humanity, IPC Group One has created a program of cooperation with universities. This alliance is based on the model Centre for Public Service Productivity and Development (partnership between university and industry) which enriches the academic and business world and was designed to help universities and institutions of higher education,  to develop all their potential as communicators and supporters of productive knowledge.

Using this model, IPC develops training and educational activities in association with Centre for Public Service Productivity and Development (CPSPD) and with other prestigious international educational institutions in order to boost the research, creative and informative capacity of universities for the benefit of society, especially in the development of

academic knowledge about Productivity Culture.
Our objective is to create an alliance formed by international institutions and their experts, with the participation of academic professionals, under the same commitment to innovation, economic growth and the production and dissemination of productive knowledge. This is a project which pursues the creation of a group of leaders, entrepreneurs, thinkers, intellectuals and creative people who, like a think-tank, plant the seeds of the future by establishing the basis to achieve economic growth, develop Productivity technology in organizations and promote continuous improvement within Productivity Culture.

For any further information emails can be sent to Productivity Director of IPC’s Academic Partnership programs.

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