Symbols of Success: IPC Awards as Art

Symbols of Success: IPC Awards as Art

Following the trend of using art as a vehicle to express and highlight leading ideas, IPC created a program of recognition supported by a wide range of artistic formats.

This has come to symbolize and to highlight the importance of the professional achievements of our award winners and promote current values. This fusion of art and communication is most visible in the awards and other elements that transmit the Productivity guidelines created by IPC, such as trophies, medals, digital applications or publications.

These symbols and abstract representations of the award recipients’ success can become public campaigns which promote and communicate the merits of those leaders who, through Total Productivity concepts, have achieved business and organizational success. The awards themselves were created by distinguished European and African artists.  The trophies are composed of the finest materials and produced using cutting edge technology. The result is a work of art which can be proudly displayed.


International Star for Productivity Award: The relentless pursuit of economic growth

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